Linode Outage June 2018


Thankyou team!!! :tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip:


That’s a Really Good NEWS!!!


Yay servers are back! I even saw Milla replying!


Even if they did, It would take a moment for it to kick in, so everything would lose power and shutdown regardless.


Lol the Captain beat me to it. :joy: I gotta work on my super speed.


I’v never seen the cloud so empty…


They would have UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies), but they generally don’t last long. I suspect there was a failure in a back up generator, so the UPS ran out of juice. The UPS is there to ensure continuous supply while backup generators fire up, so they have enough battery to supply all the servers for a few minutes.


I can’t believe I missed all this. :eek:


Don’t worry me too :slight_smile:


Wasn’t it like 2AM where you live? (same for me)

Glad everything was resolved. :slight_smile:


While in my place I was going home then I just wanted to check the Blockheads and joining in one server after seconds it says failed disconnected so I check the forums what’s happened and I see a new thread news & announcements with pinned so I check it out faster than I can when I read the thread all about there’s a Problem and after a couple of minutes it’s already FIXED it happens before too 3 years ago same issue like this!


It also happened earlier this year.


WOOOHOO! Party at mah server, midnight :cool: (jk)


What is zhaus again?


It’s a person. zhaus
Sorry for ping.

[removed @]


I found Zhaus’s server yesterday just after the outage.

Zhaus Cave


Was he on it?


Nobody was.

He probably was sometime after the outage though.


Ohh didn’t know anyone noticed me when I say it happened 3 years ago…


That was the first world created in the cloud.