List of blockhead commands

Can anyone tell me all the commands you can do in blockheads? (I forgot some and need to be reminded again :sweat_smile:)

Correct me if I’m wrong somebody, there’s a complete list of commands if you type /help in the chat.


/help gets most commands, but it doesn’t print /debug-log and /stop


Is that reset owner command still a thing?

It’s only available on mac servers.

These are the common commands i use on my server:
/ban (name)


what does /reset do?

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/reset-owner was a command that allowed an admin to ‘commandeer’ another player’s account. You could litterally log in as that player, which allowed you to see their inventory, safe contents, etc. Back when ‘owned’ items first appeared, admins couldn’t remove them. If an admin banned someone, they were stuck with whatever items had been placed. /reset-owner was a way to allow those items to be removed.

But when the cloud came along, it was the demise of /reset-owner. Because all of a persons’ players were connected to a single account, using the command allowed an admin access to not only the player on their server, but all of that person’s players on other servers as well. Dave had already fixed the admins ability to remove owned items, so the use it was created for was moot at that point anyway.

I should add, as a note: /reset-owner still works on Mac servers, because that data is in no way connected to the cloud. There are players who will not play on a Mac server for precisely this reason.

Also, it was never foolproof. The data for portal chests and time crystals reside on the device being used, so it was impossible to ‘see’ what someone had in a portal chest, or how many tc they had. The admin in wuestion would only ever see his/her own data.

I think that about covers it.