List unnecessary rules!



Have you seen any rules in The Blockheads that weren’t really neccasary, or didn’t make sense?

Simply state it here.

Or post a screenshot of the rule.

Do not show the world name, or the owner of the world. They must also be real.


The rule that you must patch a hole, as an owner i do find this annoying but i don’t find it annoying when i dig holes.


Imagine if that was a law in real life.


“Do not mediate in the owner’s spot”


I think a dumb rule is the rule where the owner of a server has a secret message you have to say in the chat if you read the rules. I think it is kind of pointless.


I don’t think it’s too pointless, but I seriously question some of the things that they request to be said.

I can’t think of any other rule at the moment.


That rule is actually quite useful though.


Many governments refuse to patch holes in the streets.
Yes, it’s real.
Greedy hogs :expressionless:


The rule that you are not allowed to build from dirt, stone, wood, sand, etc. like c’mon owners :confused:

Sorry for being harsh, it’s just it can be annoying if you we’re to go to a world and want to build a starter base out of materials that are not allowed. I understand rules can be made by the owners but I guess if you don’t like it that may not be the world you would want to be at. :slight_smile:


Because those worlds are modern, they don’t need starter bases.
And yeah, dirt/stone houses look ugly.
But well, destroying them is another thing.


That’s a useful rule for world owners and staff, as it lets them know that the player has read the rules.


The anime ones in my experience have the best rules:
“say you ship Aimee and bradboii”
“change your pp into a anime one”

Darn you random server finder :wink:


Say “pie” if you read the rules!

Then again, most people just scroll down.

Just put the thing in the middle. Saying the fake one will get you banned.

(Saw it in a server once)

You can also tell if the new player takes a while to chat a spawn. That means s/he thoroughly read the rules.


Even when I’m joining to tell someone off I stop to check out the rules, unless it’s something really serious. That said, I read a lot of world logs, and I can tell you that most people join and immediately start talking, so they’re definitely not reading them at all. A rule to check that is smart!