Little shorts by TheAllMightyNewb


You really are bored. …aren’t you


Just going to make this simple. I’m not updating the shorts no more for a while. And I’m deleting one.


My brother yesterday or so wanted me to make another green screen short but I feel it’s getting old. I’ll think about it one day


If you got any ideas for a Short please pm me and I’m sure to make it plus give credit. Plus I am allowing you to publish your shorts here too.


While trying to film this somebody got a bit mad


Andrew: why are you meditating.
Landon: because I am tired.
Andrew: stand up
Landon: no
Andrew: now
Landon: no
Andrew: Landon you got the count of three before I get my sword out and you will go spinning.
Andrew: 1
Andrew: 2
Andrew: 3
Andrew: that’s it your getting the sword

Landon: no wait!
andrew uses his rubber sword and makes him go spinning.


haha!! ill start with one to da moon refering to this pic


One does not simply force someone who is tired to stand up.


Moved to the OP as of 5/27/2018 (used to be behind the scenes of the green screen)


okay. its pretty much been a month or too and no update on the production. yeah I haven’t made it yet but one day ill go in and do my work.





Should I separate shorts and stop updating this thread and make new ones whenever a new short comes out?

  • Yes
  • Maybe/I just want to vote
  • No

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Lettuce: sigh…
Lettuce: This HD texture pack is BORING!
Lettuce: I wish it was more realistic…
Lettuce: Sigh…
“Ever wondered what the blockheads in real life would look like”
Lettuce: No?
“Well, now you can experience it.”
Lettuce: I can?
“Yep, since 1.8 there is now the addition of the new ULTRA HD texture pack.”
Lettuce: Okay.
“Just go to pause, then settings”
Lettuce: Ok
click click
Lettuce: I don’t see it.
“Lettuce, you need to press the button for the texture pack, do you see the button?”
Lettuce: now I do.
clicks button
Lettuce: are you sure you want to convert, you will lose the old textures in the process?
“Yep, you have to get rid of the old texture pack in order to experience the beauty of this texture pack.”
“C’mon, press it, press it!”
Lettuce: presses button
“Good, now it’s downloading.”
“That’s weird”
Lettuce: what?
“72 years, This May take a while…”

72 years later…
Lettuce: Is it finished yet?
“Yes, it should be in just a few seconds.”
the download finishes…
“Good, your download is finished.”
“Press play to experience the life of this new texture pack.”
Lettuce: presses play

Lettuce: …
“Do you like it?”
Lettuce: Everything is so unique and different.
“So, do you like it?”
Lettuce: No.
Lettuce: IT IS SO UNIQUE!!!
“You just didn’t know it was there.”
“Actually, you scared me a little there when you said no”
change logs appear
Lettuce: They ADDED CARS?
“Yep, this update took 2000 years in the dungeon having slaves, I mean I’m the dev building having devs coming in non stop for 10 years working on it.”
“Dave was secretly working on it in 2008 and he didn’t tell any of you. The HD was a placeholder for what is to come soon”
Lettuce: I never knew that, thanks person.
“Actually, it’s Zach. But call me whatever you want.”
Lettuce: Got it.

“The Blockheads Ultra HD Texture Pack.”
“Experience blockheads like never before seen with all new content including cars!”

“Mama, can we go to the park?”
“Yes Emily.”

“With Ultra HD you can now do anything you wish including this.”

'This is madness."

kicks the blockhead down a hole…

“The Blockheads Ultra HD texture pack. Download it now!”
Knocking on the door is heard
“This is the police, open up.”
“Uh oh…”
The police kick down the door…
“Dang it… knew they would find me…”

“Yeppe, this is the next green screen film where it will be like the second green screen”
“Shut up Zach…”
“That was a disaster for a reason…”
“I made it that for a reason…”
Zach: *thinks of something…
“Don’t you dare say that phrase!”
Jerry slaps Zach

“See what happens in the next episode of green screen i mean jerrys got talent i mean… what is this again???”
“the blockheads ultra hd texture pack”
“hope you enjoyed it”
“can you stop breaking the fourth wall, your freaking them out…”
“okay… sigh…


So, what do you think? horrible, awesome, let me know :slight_smile:

  • That was the BEST THING EVER!!!
  • Meh, sort of liked it.
  • Didn’t like it

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secretly says to himself… “i want this to be another green screen success”
realizes to himself…
oops, did not mean to say that…

cuts camera and audio cord out…


I’ve updated the OP.


This is why I seem to not like adding polls… :confused:

I just don’t like when someone doesn’t like my content but that’s fine.

If they don’t like it so be it.


It’s really been a year since the green screen short came out, wow! :open_mouth:

And did anyone see the 2 little Easter eggs I hid in the prison in the real life texture pack short? And it’s not Jerry.


Are you gonna make more shorts?


No, not now as I don’t have any plans.