Little Surprise!


After a long day of celebration, I came home and hopped on the Blockheads. I was given a “scavenger hunt” to look for a place that was suppose to be a “secret:eyes: a good 10-15 minutes later, I arrived at the place where the “secret” was suppose to be. Little did I know, two of my closest friends (considered family, rather) made me quite a surprise. Take a look!

It seriously warmed my heart that they took the time out of their day to build this for me on my birthday :heart: I know it may not be a big deal or their buildin may not be grand, but I just love it so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and to this, I say “thank you!” :crossed_fingers:t3:

side note: on my way there, things happened :joy:



happy birthday, i like the painting with the dog and the bird


Happy birthday,they sure did put some effort in :+1:


Aww! This is so precious, I’m so glad this community has people who are so close like this.

Happy Birthday to you! :cookie:


How sweet of them!


Happy birthday!


Rather appealing to the eye. Happy birthday


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