Little tip for backwalls


This is just a small tip for those who may not know this.

I know some may mine backwall at every block but there is a simpler solution to this.

First you will need a tool to mine the top of the backwall and some blocks.

Got it? Okay, let’s begin.

Start by mining the top like shown here

Then place a block under where you mined, then mine it. :slight_smile:

Then you got a mined backwall without the effort.

Hopefully this helped a portion of people who may not know this trick :slight_smile:

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

thinks… oh no, did I accidentally show my moon. Oops!


I don’t get where we place the block.


OP meant to say place 3 blocks above the edge of the backwall then remove it done. You don’t have to touch one by one to remove all the backwall. Nice tip Sunnyperson.



Another tip for no backwalls is by putting reinforced platforms on the bottom curve, then building, then destroy the reinforced platforms.

But then again this is a cheaper way. :slight_smile:


Yeah I realised this trick by accident but I get what you are saying. I will like try it on a different build

Though for long horizontal floating farms I still use reinforced platforms until eventually they become unnessessary, when the backwall stops being generated because I’m to high from the ground.


Nice guide, @Sunnyperson!




And it was to avoid to remove what’s behind the stairs, columns, chest, and etc. That you have to remove first the items in front the backwall before you can touch the backwall to remove it, so Thanks for the tip it’s helpful to me :smiley:


your welcome.


I’ve been using this trick for a while but unfortunately for me I use alternating blocks :joy:


here’s another tip sunny

in front of that back wall put pillars✔

nani? another tip?

put multiple tiny paintings of chimeny designs to act as texture