Live view concept

I wish that you could see what’s going on on the server and you could look around like a player but you don’t need to join the server

Wouldn’t that mean that anyone can spectate a server, including those (servers) that are intentionally whitelisted/private?

I am just wondering. Though it could be an interesting idea, I do not see the need for its implementation.

Yea would it include the private ones? There are some that aren’t meant to be seen yet and some public like mr you don’t need to have full vision to

Well it should be only viewed on the owner portal


Maybe instead of this there should just be a function for the owner where you can go on the world but if you want you can press a button where your photo and name wouldn’t appear on the list? That way you could be on but nobody would know.


Is that even feasible from a technological perspective?

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