Local Network: Same support ID - Problems?


I have two devices which somehow have obtained the same support id. I totally reset one device and redownloaded blockheads, and it still came up with the same support id.

I am trying to use one device to host a local multiplayer for the other.

However, I get stuck on the “Searching…please wait” popup.

Does anyone happen to know if trying to use two devices with the same support id on a local network will cause issues?



Hey @serendipity

I haven’t really been on Blockheads too much lately due to Hiatus but I have an idea why this isn’t working, while having 2 devices on the same ID and online at the same time that can cause issues as one is one place and the other will get confused causing it to stay at the one section of the game.

If your trying to use 2 devices turn the other one off while you put one on and then put the other one after 5 minutes and that should help.

If this still doesn’t help try fixing your internet it might be buggy or a lead has fallen out of it, always check your internet as you don’t know if it could be the problem!

I hope this helped


I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work. Maybe it was because I had the same support ID like you did.


Actually, I finally figured it out.

Turns out they weren’t on the same network.

After having reset the one device, I couldn’t remember the wifi password. So, I had setup tethering from my Samsung.

Once I got them both on the same network, it all worked out okay.