Locked Out of My Server


So last night, when I left my server everything was fine. Today I tried to go on and it seemed I was locked out. Is this a hacker that did it or an admin/mod? Is there a way to fix it? Is anyone else having the same problem? I uploaded a picture to show what it looks like.

EDIT: I fixed the problem with the help of @milla who helped roll back the server! Thanks for all of the suggestions tho! The world is now up and running again. (If you want to join it’s called Sapphire Hills by Star (me) but I’m not going to go into detail since I already have a thread on it and here’s the link: New Server! Name: Sapphire Hills )


I am able to fix this, if you want because I have a old device that doesn’t support HTML well.


If you don’t want to fiddle around trying to get out of that, you can PM milla for a rollback.

Remember to give her the information required below:

-The Server Name and Owner
-Your Support ID (Found in Help/Credits Under Support)
Never tell this with anyone other then Majicdave, Or Milla

-The date in which you want to roll it back.


It would be great if you fixed it! Could you PM me so we could get it fixed as soon as possible so I can fix any damage that has been done to the world if they destroyed things?

What’s a rollback?


a rollback restores everythin to its previous state before any modifications were made, in your case, it would probably be “destroyed.” as Hyness stated previously, you can pm Milla and she will gladly help you.


Thank you!


Only an admin could have done that. So you might want to review who you have given admin permissions to. One of them is not trustworthy.


The only player I would trust to fix this is @Bibliophile. Don’t give admin out to people you don’t know, as a rule. It will save you a lot of problems. Certainly don’t share your owner’s portal credentials.

I can roll it back by restoring it from backups, or Bib can fix it.


Feel free to admin BIBLIOPHILE, and I’ll remove the pop up and unadmin myself when done, just send me a message with the server name.


Thanks! @milla helped me sort it out and I’m pretty sure I know exactly who did this! I did clear the admin list in case it wasn’t that person but I think I got it!


One of your admins might’ve watched @Hnandj_BML on YouTube. He made a tutorial on how to do that, but I don’t recommend you watch it.


If you use an android these pop-ups don’t happen and you can remove it yourself.


If this happens to anyone, i know the fix.


I recommend ppl follow milla’s advice instead


I agree especially since shes the one suggesting it. If Milla trusts him then that should say something.


I also know how, but I don’t think I have gained enough trust to be trusted with admin on people’s cloud worlds.


I did and it’s all figured out now :slight_smile:


It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s that Bib is our go-to guy. Aside from Dave and zhaus he knows more about the game workings than anyone, and he’s discussed this precise issue with me already, and knows WAY more about it than I do :slight_smile:


So is Dave going to try to do anything to keep this from happening?


I’m not an expert, but I don’t think it’s an easy fix. It’s like if you have a cold and you decide to chop off your nose to remove all the snot.

There are so many bad things that a rogue admin can do if you give the wrong person that role. The safest thing is to be careful who you trust.