Lol anyone know what this means

Lol I think this is gibberish

if you think it’s gibberish, it’s best not to be asking, because what it is is basically just a debug of what’s on screen

for example, there’s bound to be 8 donkeys somewhere :thinking:

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Yeah, exactly. That definitely isn’t gibberish. It happens to be really useful technical information. :see_no_evil:

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Oh lol

How are there only two beds xD

That doesn’t mean only 2 beds exist on the server, but only 2 are visible among the 38 loaded macroblocks, which is what each world is divided up into. It only loads into memory what it needs to because players are viewing them.


Ahhh, I see

yeah it applies to anything, it’s not directing towards everything in the player view, but everything within that certain set distance, in this case as it says, 38

should certain circumstances change in regards to what is currently loaded for that client, that number may be larger, or smaller, and for example if it were 24 maybe you’d only be seeing 7 apple trees instead of 14, or 6 donkeys instead of 8

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I use that debug often but what exactly is a macro block

… which has next to nothing to do with what a macro block is. A macro block is Blockhead’s version of a chunk - a set of 32x32 blocks that are saved together.

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oh wow that almost seems like a confusing name for something more in number than a single block… marco block…

let’s just call it a day and say it’s a bunch of blocks and pretend like neither name isn’t at all misleading

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

If you have ever hit those annoying black walls and you had to wait for it to load…THAT’s a macro block getting loaded from the server and sent to your device.

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