Lonely Island Seed

I came across this in a server today, and I tested it on a single player world.

Seed: 1520060306
World Size: 1×
Oceans: Ocean World

If you have all the setting on above, the world will spawn you on a small lonely island. The oceans seem to be fairly big and is probably a pain to swim to the other side.

I thought I’d post this Incase anyone else was interested. :slight_smile:

There was a pine tree, but I cut it down before taking the picture.


Thats weird but cool! Is the server vanilla or custom?

Custom. The seed doesn’t work without the ocean world setting. You can make your own world like this too. :slight_smile:

Yeah I could type it in single player world. Cool Thanks for sharing wierd server hehe :slight_smile:

(coming soon: blockheads survival island challenge)
Looks pretty cool, however, what happens when 1.7 comes out? Will the seed still work?

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Perfect start for the Box Challenge.

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I’m not sure.

I found a similar island, but yours would be more challenging.

Here are pics of spawn and settings. If a setting isn’t listed, I left it at normal.

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Oh boy expert mode time

I’m pretty sure that’s just a regular world.

Hopefully not

Actually, yeah. That’s just a regular world. It was created before 1.7 was even released.