Longest cave loop I have ever seen


What I call a “cave loop” is just a cave that comes all the way back to a part that you already discovered.
With that out of the way… I have just discovered a HUMONGOUS cave loop in my world.
Here it is:

Have you seen bigger?
Let me see it in the comments below :blush::point_down:


I don’t think I have seen bigger.


No custom settings?


No. I don’t have any custom worlds. This is actually my first world.


Believe it or not, all caves loop. Most of them are very large loops and unnoticeable.

Just like a giant oval, It does not look like it’s looping.


I seen longer


That’s pretty neat foil.


Looks like a dog running!


That is so true @Santeeisweird9_real


I don’t have many cave systems since I have a lot of crafting material and I take jobs and have all kinds of Dodos.


Did you find a cave troll down there?


For me I found three


Wow eltapa three cave trolls! My maximum in one world is two! :rofl:


Keep in mind that mine is the biggest world available for single player. Maybe that why I had more trolls. Wish there was a way for them to respawn or something because if ever, no matter how unlikely, I go back to exploring caves, the cave trolls will eventually become extinct in that world. At least with every other creature they might respawn if conditions are met but never a cave troll.

I would set down as many ice torches, trade portals and gold chest as I can, to get them to respawn if they could


Uhhhhh I have found like 5 or 6 cave trolls in my cave system…
I thought that was the average number but I guess not…


Once i had a cloud server vanilla rules before this uptade i just go to make a trash hole straight away and found 3 cave trolls


That’s an insane stroke of luck!


Cave trolls don’t respawn sadly. Once you kill them or take them all away, there will be none left in the world.


That sucks, when I was a noob and didn’t know how rare they were I found one in my cave and killed it. Haven’t found a single other one since.
Edit: I haven’t tried too hard to look.


Yeah it does

What do cave trolls drop when u kill them?