Looking for a Custom Server


Any custom servers where I can help build things, or just build in general? Active ones please.


You might wanna check this thread out for some cool custom servers!


Thanks this was very helpful :smiley:


My server (Technically Wingy’s server he runs it), Dragonets, is a building server, pixel art server, etc.


Beggar’s Tomb turns one year old tomorrow. We are having an event. It is not your typical server and you must complete a quest to obtain property. We are having a building competition. It is a bit time consuming to earn the right to build but a fun and unique process. Come check us out.



I joined this server briefly and you said some jibberish words and left?


I am under no obligation to make sense to you.


Banana split. :gorilla:


Griffen-land is a bit active, but not popular. but that shouldn’t matter.


Honestly I do not bother with cognitive banter with mortals until they at least solve the maze. Mork and Mindy speak initially. 90% of people quit within five minutes once they figure out I’m not going to hold their hand.