Looking for a particular server

Ok this is gonna get weird… I need a server where people give out portal chests and super shops cuz my server got ruined by a few hackers and most of my server is just anarchy and I wanna try and fix it… sadly it’s survival rules and I’ll need super shops so me and my admin team can get cracking… that’s why I’m looking for a server that’s gives out portal chests with super shops in em

Just ask for a rollback


Yeah, a rollback would be much more suitable.

It’s the wee small hours on Sunday morning here, but I’ll message you maybe about restoring your world from a backup when I’m not meant to be asleep :sleeping:

Probably tomorrow sometime, but if not then I will do so Monday morning NZT.

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I would but sadly I don’t play those servers anymore… and my server is custom, we don’t have portal chests or super shops… Sorry. Good luck, though! :smile:

How do super shops help you?