Looking for a server + new friends

Hiii, so I’ve been a blockheads player since I was a little kid. Pretty sure I started playing when the game came out. Timeline is kinda fuzzy. But I’m kind of an expert, and I’m looking for friends and a server to play on. So if anyone has a server and you wouldn’t mind me being a regular lmk. Thx :blush:


I have always played SP, but if two or three more people are willing to play, I can set up a server world

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I’m definitely willing, so just lmk if you end up opening a server :heart:

expert city by agentpinkdog is the only fairly popular expert server i can come up with off the top of my head, unfortunately servers have been getting less in their attention even as compared to before

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@asrielthesecond has a really good Mac server, but I think it’s still being repaired.

Higher and war of life are hella active. 5 people on average.