Looking for a server to join

Thank you for the server idea I actually have started playing summer dreams.It seems like a great server

I’ll be sure to check it out

Crafty Towns.

I’m actually playing on crafty towns right now hopefully I’ll see you in game


Unihorse is a great vanilla server for building but it’s also very well established and has a world-wide railway. But it’s also a server that has lasted for years and will continue to run. Skylands and Rabbithole are also great servers for building and are long-lasting. All are non PVP too.

there are so many sources about great servers. (collected from our lovely @Thuthu who collected the sources)


Probably a different server

This is why naming and shaming is not permitted. That would NOT be the Unihorse server owned by @UNIHORSE .

Are you sure about that?

Unihorse would never promote anyone who behaves like that.


Isn’t it still a possibility?

How could you not be sure about that? Unihorse is one of the most careful server owners I know. Nobody who would be abusive of their power stands a chance of getting mod, let alone admin, on the server.

Also there are several copycat servers with the same name, I find it much more likely that the events happened on one of those rather than on a server owned by a longtime upstanding community member. Frankly, to insinuate that she would be complicit to this kind of behavior is rather insulting.


But still, isn’t it a possibility?

A more likely scenario would be that Unihorse trusted someone enough to make them admin and then they betrayed her trust and behaved foolishly behind her back. IF it it had happened on Unihorse’s specifically owned server.

I have played on Unihorse’s server for quite some time and I am personally more inclined to believe that what was described happened on one of the other Unihorse servers that is owned by someone else.


None of the staff on Unihorse by Unihorse! would behave inappropriately. All the staff members are very well known respected members of our community. You must have joined one of the copycat servers.


@WumboJumbo please just drop it. Possible? I suppose anything is possible. But EXTREMELY unlikely knowing Unihorse as well as we do. Something would have had to have happened beyond her control.

There are half a dozen copycat servers, even a few with owners whose names look like UNIHORSE where it is much more likely that this happened.


Let’s all drop it then.


whats the server?

You said Team Forward by MFS

or were you just mentioning the teams builds?