Looking for people to do a wm (welcome message.)

I need help with a welcome message. Once you join I will include the rules + that I want in there such as an admin chat and such. Help I’d appreciated!

I can help and i also made a tutorial for it.

No like with color and all

Yeah i can do it, it’s in my videos too…

Okay join my server then it’s called Mighty

I can do welcome messages, fonts, colors, categories, background pictures, etc.

I am sorry to say but the admins on the server are very rude and they are making fun of others (taunting). They also indulge in swearing and bad content.

What’s an admin chat?

an admin chat is basically a part of the welcome message that admins can talk to each other in because only admins can edit the wm.

Discord will be a lot better for that.

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Just a note - if your rules permit things that we don’t permit your world could end up being set to private, depending on what it is. We don’t permit bad language, bullying, damaging worlds, inappropriate content, hate speech, sex, or vandalism. If a world permits cheating, griefing, or stealing then it’s okay, but otherwise we don’t permit it.

Note that I use the word “cheating” where others use the word “hacking.” This is because very few cheats are actually hacking the game. They use the work of hackers to cheat, but don’t hack themselves.

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