Looking for Trustworthy admins for a new world

So, I plan on making a new world soon. I won’t reveal the name, but it will be a 1/16 sized world. I am looking for those who can be trustworthy, and be able to check up at least once a day.

Though I myself may not be as active, because it is random. Could be several days, weeks, or idk. Just because I am not interested in blockheads much. So that is why I am looking for an admin team to help maintain this new server.

PM me either on discord (faster), or on the blockheads forums (may be slower), with your in-game username, forums account name if on discord, history of being admin or mod, if you are trustworthy, if you are active at least once a day, and if you will enforce the rules of the world.

It seems very counter-productive to start a world you don’t want to administer yourself, and for which you will be responsible, even if you do recruit staff to look after it. Why not just play on someone else’s world, and select a part of it far from spawn to be your “world”?


i can help, though i don’t have much experience with moderating or admin on worlds

I’d like to think that experience is necessary.

i can help! just pm me the details and ill try to go!

Would be glad to help pm me your discord name and I’ll get you the details

I wouldn’t mind helping. Been an admin in tons of servers over the years

well, its almost impossible to get experience because all servers require previous experience…

I would love to help out, been an admin for a while on multiple servers. I am also very active and even co-owner on a few worlds. Gamer tag is my name on this website.