Losing my server 😭😭


I just got my server back after someone whitelisted it. The server was made for me so I wasn’t able to get on. Once I got it back uh oh out of credit. It costs money and I can’t pay for it. Now I’m going around asking for money. The servers name is Angels Garden.


I was a previous admin on this server and im not on the whitelist :frowning: therecan there be any solution to this! You need to get into the owner portal for angels garden. Then you can make it public.


How? Jeff didn’t give me it​:sob::sob: he ran it all himself :rage:


This should go to #multiplayer


I think a hacker did it and made it private so people can’t help add credit😢

Bluejeff26 if you read this please give me your pass so I can use owner portal for my server


That sucks.




Of course, its an awful event


I just want my server back but I have to pay I mean that’s terrible a lot of people can’t pay so they lose there servers


There are Mac servers, you can make for free! You do need to have a Mac computer (although I think there is a loophole so you can do it on windows?) and there is an app you can download

It is a lot more complicated for me to understand obviously I am not an expert, I’m just letting you know you can make a Mac server


You asked for someone to make a server for you. Milla could’ve transferred ownership of the server with the original owner’s permission and support ID. However, you are taking the risk and that you’re not the ‘official owner.’


Yes I know I didn’t know this before hand and the guy who is owner quit I think so now I can’t ask for the owner portal

Sadly I don’t have my own Mac so that won’t help but thx for the idea :+1::+1:t2::+1:t3::+1:t4::+1:t5::+1:t6:


That’s a lot of hands.


U can ask @Wingysam to make u a mac server




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Wingysam is currently not making mac servers due to a post stating “everything is broken”


I’d advise BLUEJEFF26 to do no such thing. No player should share their credentials with another player.

If you were the owner of record for this world I could help you, but as far as we’re concerned it’s BLUEJEFF26’s. I will send him a message via the game, but he will only get it if he runs the game, and he hasn’t been on for several weeks.


Oh ok thx…