Lost 6 days worth of mining


Sigh I just wanted to walk on lava and died quicker than I could eat and lost soooooo much almost 7 chest worth of ores and gems uugghhhhhhhhh soooo upset


That sucks.


Shouldnt this goes to general discussion




Put on ice chest & helmet…make a spot one or two blocks away from lava…pour 1 bucket of water at a time…use diamond pick axe!!! Get in & out quick!!!


¡Que latisma! I pray that the world will compensate you for that.

Or start an anti-lava campaign…


Lolllllllll I play single player tho… we shall steal the campaign :joy::joy:



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At least not all items are lost, like in Minecraft, not if you wait for your blockhead to respawn.

By the way, @PolarBearr, are you learning spanish or something?
(Curious, sorry.)


He respawned with nothing


That’s sad.


(Si, estoy aprendiendo espanol.)

I can’t imagine 6 days worth gone like that though. I’d revolt to oblivion and fail my teacher!
By the way, was that stuff mined with a gem pickaxe, too? Out of curiosity.


That, kids, is why you don’t walk on lava.

(ouch, that must’ve hurt) did you kill the blockhead right away or wait for your blockhead to respawn?


I was sooo upset I just put down the phone and started chores… Mined with a gold pickaxe

Lolllllll… I repsawned him didn’t want to just kill him lol wanted to tho


Please include an English translation for any post content that isn’t in English.

That’s a shame, VennieBennie. I think you have an equal chance of losing anything from zero to five items when you die, so it’s very unlucky to lose such valuable stuff.

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I’m not polar, but well, I like translating spanish ;p

¡What a shame!

Yes, I’m learning spanish.


They person said yes they are learning Spanish

And yup lost everything


Best put your haul inside a portal chest asap


Why does that mean?


even if your portal chest burns in lava, the stuff inside wont go away

of course 220 time crystals down the drain if that ever happens as well