Lost account. :(

So recently I got back into the blockheads and realized I had an old account that I really valued and I dearly want it back, is there any way to get my account back? It would mean the world to me.

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Do you know the ID of that old account? :question:

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No, sorry, it was 3 years ago.

Aye welcome to the community: here’s a cookie :cookie: you can use an external source to get your account. Many others have your dilemma. Search up “how to get my old account back”

As far as I am concerned, you cannot do that unless you have the ID of your old account. :frowning:

No if you know a few usernames you used milla might be able to find it

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If she has no way of identifying the account, there is no way of recovering it.

What you mentioned is just for identification.

I have lost my account before and milla was able to fix it with me providing some of my usernames

You’re probably referring to a different kind of scenario. I can’t imagine how Milla is able to track down a specific account just by remembering some uncorrelated usernames… :thinking:

No I’m really not and they have to be your usernames you used not just random usernames

But does the OP remember their old username? :question:

Yes, DAN-THE-MAN-101

Well then… color me surprised! :smiley:

What can I do anyway?

Send Milla a private message and tell her what you’ve already told us. :slight_smile:

Who is milla?



She’s the one who can help you the most. :slight_smile:

How can I DM?