Lost control of my blockheads after migration from single player to Mac server

I have an old single player world from several years ago. I wanted to play on it again, but it was on an old device that I no longer use. I couldn’t do the backup/restore thing either since my new device is already setup with new data that I can’t erase. So after some research I managed to copy the world files from the old device into a Mac server that I set up locally. Everything works great so far, except one thing…

I lost control of all my old blockheads. I entered the world as a new player (even though I’m using the same player name) with 0 blockheads. The old ones are still in there though. They sleep and wake up on their own, and the ones that are meditating still drop items. But there’s no way to control them or get items in their inventory and portal chest. Also they prevent time from fast forward (unless they all sleep/meditate at the same time) which is a bit annoying.

I’ve tried the /reset-owner command but it didn’t work. Anything else I can try to regain control or delete them? Thanks!

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Wait, do they have a mind of their own? :exploding_head:

Actually, could they just be wearing tin foil hats?

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No they are not. :stuck_out_tongue: The game simply doesn’t think they are my blockheads. They belong to some other account that is always online.

Wow it gives you free stuff :exploding_head:

Yes - you can get them back, or delete them, though it’s a bit of a roundabout process…

I can make a guide this weekend showing how to do this (double checking: @milla can I? It involves tinkering with world files, not much of a stretch to turn that into a duplication guide)

Or if you’d prefer, you can upload the world somewhere and send me a link (browse around the forum for 15 minutes or so, and you’ll unlock private messages) and I can do it for you.

The contents of your portal chest are stored in the portalChest file - I can import that into a chest that is in the world, but that file is local to your device, so you’d have to move the items yourself


Bib to the rescue! This is what happened to White Rabbit’s blockheads when she had a single player world turned into the server Rabbithole. We had to deal with these two dumb “ghosts” for a long time until Dave was able to get rid of them after the cloud migration.

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Can’t you just kick them?

They have no username to kick. They are just there. You can kill them, but they respawn at the spawn portal and then just stand there on the portal, even more in the way.

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Thank you so much, Bibliophile! Looking forward to the guide. I guess I’ll try it myself first, so I don’t have to shut down the server for days. If I run into problems then I’ll seek professional help. Thanks again :thumbsup:


I never knew you could do this

time to give myself 69 dirt, thanks!

That’s fine :upside_down_face:

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