Lost my Blockheads


I lost my blockheads because of a little setting called Die on Exit. I bought 1200 time crystals, and spawned in 4 more blockheads, so I had 5 blockheads in total. When I was done, I was left with just under 200 time crystals (I made a trade portal before this). I was very disappointed. So I emailed support at theblockheads.net and am waiting for a reply. Has this ever happened to anybody else, or am I just stupid?

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Die on exit!

That’s the worst…


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Dang dude I hope you get help.


That’s a bummer. Was this on a cloud world? If so, do you own it? If it’s your cloud world I can roll it back to an earlier backup, before they BH deaths. If not, I can send you some TCs. Either way I will take it private, as I need to ask for information only I should receive, but I’m asking here, as it may be helpful to another player in future :slight_smile:


Yes it was on my cloud world, I just recently made it with the almost last of my google play funds

But go ahead and private message me if you have any questions!


I’ve replied to your email in the support queue :slight_smile:


milla is amazing anyways change that die on exit command to normal


I did, after I lost the blockheads.
@milla I got the email, thanks!