LOUZ pixel arts


Hi everyone,
I would like to show all my adventures in pixel arts. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to re-build or share my art, if you could credit me for my original builds, I would muchly apreciate it!! -Louz

First ever go at building and painting! Why not start with a blockhead!

The old style steel encased “all items” base complete with cave troll guard, spa, bank, message board, and shark tank!

Tetris heart.

My original base of hearts shared with two of my friends.

After a player had long abandoned his green hotel, i built a shamrock on top for St. Patricks Day, its now the shamrock hotel.

Tulips - just a few of my garden setups

Single player setup

Eiffel Tower

Not my design. I originally found pictures of this build online and rebuilt it after i had a request for it. Super fun!

Happy Birthday MichelleBlue

After building this cute little home in a bubble, a lot of people also wanted one-
So i built more and as people moved in they all decorated them in different ways

These are some characters from Sonic the Hedgehog

Now i know embedded lights, i might have to go back through and fix some shady spots :slight_smile:

On the right side there, i built a clarinet for “Bluedude” who plays one in real life, these charecters are all on his server.



“How to make coffee”

Life wouldnt be complete without my lovebirds!!

Happy Halloween!


Thanks for posting your beautiful work!


So prettyyy!


Wow everything looks good! :smiley:


I love the Yin & Yang!


Awesome stuff Louz. I love the birds.


You have lots of amazing builds!

Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa? I’ve built that one as well so I’d love to visit yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! Nice work. Do keep them coming!


Yay… You finally started sharing your build’s on the forum…

I am very proud to have your build’s on my server, along with Deefaa’s and Mrs Swen, all new to my world.

Am glad to see you and the others sharing your build’s in other worlds too… Just keep sharing them here in forum too… :smiley: :smiley:


Thankyou everyone! :rose::rose:

@MummyK the leaning tower is on “sunny shore!” By MichelleBlue.
Its close to spawn on the left side.



the leaning tower… I don’t think I will visit that one in Paris even, 'cause I just want to straighten it up!!


Monster Truck

Diamonds for medding bases


How just how?


Thumbs up for FACEBOOK @Milla :rose:

The Australain flag


Pengins. I think i posted these on facebook in the comments back when @milla first build hers!

Some (marble) “rubber duckies” under the Australian flag

I have the idea now, looking at this, I should have backwalled the lightgrey in the whale.There’s so many lights trying to hide the blackness :disappointed_relieved:

Seahorse and turtle

My favourite show was Smallville
I built this for Lord Spartacus at his request.

My parner is a fireman. He volunteers for NSW fire rescue. On the left is his yellow caber outfit and and the right is his blue “Incident support” outfit.
Complete with firepole, lunchroom and coffee machine and “rail-shed”. This was pre jetpacks so no “heli pad” on mine. I have seen another like it…
There was a police department next to it, (not mine ) but it got cleaned out by the owner after the server started to die off :frowning:

“Blues” RED punching bag… For those moments when your blockhead makes you angry!!


Thumb up for all ur beautiful work. I never knew u breed tulips to the point theres a lot!!! Good job on that. I hope to see more of ur work. :smiley:


Hello Kitty built for Valentine’s Day.

A blue kitty


Love the birdy


Some might have seen this. This is the spawn in Amaze. (Now set to search) Its only a small maze. One way out. All dead ends have shelves. The maze is “Usually” stocked with apples, if you need an extra munch while chatting on your way around.

Added some numbers to the clock on the loading world screen :slight_smile:

Love heart maze

A Haunted house maze.