LOUZ pixel arts

Trying to pretty up a greifed area.

Louz tree pot. Primarilly for making baskets for spawn.

I call this “Louz display house” its the house i have been building on the servers i visit latley. I usually just dig holes and mine and avoid the elements until i have the materials and the benches nearby to make it… If i cant find the benches anywhere accecible, (newer servers) ill use marble instead.

Apple Jack from My Little Pony

Gangsta tweety - too cute!!


The T-Rex toy from Toystory

Jurassic Park Symbol

Ok- so this guy was a request build for a friend of mine, but i cant remember his name- can anyone help!


HOLY SMOKE You have done a LOT of pixel art creations… some are on my pinterest list… some you need to share on other worlds, like the mazes on De Nile… LOVE the haunted house mazes…


:joy:hehe heee hehe hehe
I have been keeping rather busy :slight_smile: what can i say… BEST GAME EVER!!
This is my little way of saying thankyou, and how much i really LOVE playing.

my house again… This time built in marble on a different server :slight_smile: it also has pictures of my real life hand raised lovebirds (i handraise them as companions).

Discord from My Little Pony

Discord is one of the species called a draconequus (as explained by Cheerilee from the beginning of the episode). Discord is a combination of many body parts from different creatures which also makes him a chimera. He has the body of a brown horse, the head of a gray goat, with an ivory deer antler on the right, a turquoise goat horn of the left, one long fang, yellow eyes with red pupils, an orange snake tongue, a black donkey mane, and a white goat beard. The rest of his body consists of the right paw of a pale yellow lion, the left yellow talon of a brown eagle, the right leg of a green lizard, the left leg with a sepia hoof of a chestnut deer, the right wing of a purple bat, the left wing of a blue bird, and a red dragon tail with a white tuft at the end.

Ive seen latley thanks to @Caronhere that trapping trolls in circles is all the rage! And i think its so brilliant (I love keeping trolls) i thought id copy the idea, and to change it up with a star!!


That looks really effective!

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And these two unicorn’s bring me up to date…
The pink one is already posted in unihorses post for her server, where as the blue one is on @Caronhere’s server. Ive put them both together here to show that you can make anything twice! Change the colours to suit you, and its a completely new build :slight_smile:

How do i edit lol, i forgot to @UNIHORSE


You’ve made so many pixel arts! I love the troll star house. He looks like he is trying to stop the portal from floating off into space :joy:


yayyaayayyaa!!! u put up the fat unicornsssss!!! I actually didn’t know you made so many pixel art and mazes!!! (or else i could of gotten maze advice from you XD)


You have a special talent for mazes, I think. May I show off some of them on our Facebook page?


You did a really great job and also i make Pixel art using this source: http://pixelartmaker.com/

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Yes of course @milla
I just used google images for the pixels i built including the Mazes. I use Pearler bead patterns, bead patterns, pixel art templates, and even others minecraft creations.

Some took longer to count out then the others, depending on the template. This ones not the easiest to work from, but with patience and experimenting they get easier.

Naw, i didnt think of it like that! Now it dose look like he’s got hold of a helium balloon! "They will stop at nothing to escape their new enclosures!"
EEEK! They can’t teleport can they?:joy::joy: :scream: I’d be in some SERIOUS trouble if he was caught terrorising spawn!


That’s Bill from Gravity Falls.

Great stuff Louz. I didn’t know My Little Pony had dragons!! I might have start watching that show! (JK)


im always good at solving mazes like that. took me 45 seconds


Bill Cipher that is, and the dragon dude has been turned to stone like 3 times already the show is moving on.

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Discord isn’t exactly a Dragon… He’s a Draconequus. Basically a mix of creatures…

Wow! You’ve compiled all your builds here? Awesome Louz! Just… wish more people would have looked at my Original Post of your builds…



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Oh yeah. Very sorry about this. Not the first time I’ve been told bout this. Sorry, bit of a techno dino.


Im learning too! Thankyou @MummyK and @milla for your help :slight_smile:
I just updated discords info. I thought he is quite fasinating for a creature!
Glad you found him @Privatesparky, this was a build you requested as an idea.

Spike is cool.


OMG, such kawaii sea creatures!!!