LTE 4G no longer works for me


Hey guys hope yall are fine. Recently i havent been able to play blockheads becouse it will no longer connect to any server when im using my own data and it dosent make sence becouse i have unlimited fast data (yes i have VPN to block spam and adds in websites) is there any way to fix this?? I no longer hage my wifi not everyone has wifi


Try disabling the VPN, and what is your service provider? And is it IOS or Android?


IOS its updated too,ive tried it still dosent work all it says searching until it says connection failed


What’s the service provider?


Silly goose! There’s always single-player to play while you fix your data connection


What is your app version? If you have an unsupported device and can’t update, you won’t be able to play on cloud servers, though Mac servers which still run the old version will work.

It also might be the case that the VPN you use has blocked BH or BH has blocked the VPN due to someone using it to misbehave. If you disable the VPN and it works this is likely the issue.


are you on amazon fire kindle?


They have iOS.


Try completely powering it down and starting it again (rebooting it). Often problems are transient and may be fixed with a reboot.


I tried re-booting my ios device turning of vpn and sometimes even deleting the vpn nothing worked :confused:


T-MOBILE is my provider