Luckiest Seed

I think I might’ve found the luckiest seed ever. Variety of plants and fruits at spawn, plenty of ores and tc blocks. What do you guys think? Anyone got a better seed?

Seed : 1588417729
Just a normal 1x vanilla world.

Where did the cave troll go?

Was that a tc block? I’ve never actually seen one lol. Also what seed? I’m curious!

@WumboJumbo i think the images didn’t properly upload but i trapped the troll because i didn’t have enough gold coins to tame it

@PandaAndBean yes, that was a tc block, i’ll put the seed in a update of the post

You might want to plant on compost that was your planets never die from old age! Saves you the effort of having to constantly replant :slight_smile:

yep, i plant on compost

Ah okay! Wasn’t sure based off the pic you sent. I play on classic view so HD looks foreign to me

why not play on HD? :smiley:

I started the game many years ago before HD came/became free lol, I do it for the nostalgia!! :smiley:

you just gave me the idea of going back to classic…


PIXELS! HD just feels too smooth for me lol, I like the roughness of the dirt

Nostalgia 101, more reasons to play blockheads

The one reason I came back after a year and a half. Nostalgia.



I came back to bh after 7 months of Minecraft and struggled a lot but I managed! I don’t play Minecraft other then when I’m really upset about something, or I just feel like it.:slight_smile:

What are tc blocks replaced with if I swap to custom?

They remain as TC blocks but you won’t get any TCs if you mine them.

Oh… okay! Ima try it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

One time, I made a server world on July 4, 2017 named The Dodo Seed (Dodo Lakes: Seed) I think. And when I got a jetpack I literally found a diamond tree above the spawn portal in space. Unfortunately I lost the picture of the spawn area to prove it, but I have a picture of what the diamond tree looked like

Then another time I had a Seed in 2018, or 2019. That spawned 10 time crystals directly below the spawn portal (not sure if that is rarer or not)

Keep this in mind, these we’re all in vanilla (aka survival) at the time. So these seeds we’re not hand picked, they we’re completely random.

Definitely not the luckiest I have ever been. As one time (in 2019), on a roblox game. I hatched a Shiny Secret pet, which is about 1 in 690,000,000 on average. I had 2x Luck, and 3x shiny chance. So for me is around 1 in 116 million. (This is just an estimate, and may not be correct)


What is a seed and how do you use it??? After 7 years of bh im still confused

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