Luminous Plaster Stairs & Columns


There should be stairs & coloumns for luminous plaster, not just plaster.

But it’s meant for Pixel Art!
Here’s a path that I made trying to look colorful and neon at night. The only way to make the regular plaster stairs light up is by putting a different light source.



  • Craft luminous plaster stairs in the level 2 builder’s bench, the second to last slot.
  • Craft luminous plaster coloumns in the level 2 builder’s bench, the last slot.


I support this idea. :smiley:


According to the amount of likes right now, this suggestion clearly needs to be added to the game ASAP.


Which server is it??


I believe the photo is from Unihorse.


The things is: they added the gem stairs with the new gem blocks, and they added the luminous plaster.
But they FORGOT luminous plaster stairs!
Second thought: plaster wasn’t really that easy to shape…
Third thought: We aready have gem blocks. What blocks can’t we have?
Even though I had never used such things (not even wooden stairs, lol)


Where have you been if you never used wooden stairs? Do you not vanilla :lol:


Such things are very simple to craft, but I don’t see any use in them–I don’t need them.
I did crafted like, 1,000 ladders already (for the deep mine and floors of my building)






Oh wow. I didn’t realise that. So only normal plaster can be made into something. Sounds like a good idea. I would paint illuminous plaster stair!


Yeah! This needs to be added in 1.8.


The game will not be updated anymore except bug fixed


That was never confirmed.


It is confirmed


Show me.


It’s probably not going to be updated except for bug fixes. Nothing is set in stone.