Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo (Now Closing)

(Edited for closing)


Need me to be an admin for earth or fire? Preferably earth? I can help at least make the server and then I can be demoted.

This sounds really cool! I hope to join on opening day! :smiley:

I’ll join Fire! I can help with prep as well :smiley:

Yeah, me too!

thanks guys, if you want to be admin, you can apply! However, for the first few days/weeks you’er going to have to be mod so i can earn your trust. Try to build too, since we need buildings to be done before opening.

You can apply right here:
do you want to be admin?

  • yes
  • no

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if you are admin, are you only being temporarily admin (admin that helps build, etc until opening)? Note: if you prove yourself to me i will consider asking you to be admin after opening.

  • yeah, im temp., you can unadmin after
  • no, i want to be permantly admin

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do you promise to somehow help? (mainly with building tho. i’ll let you guys build your houses first though if you are admin)

  • yes
  • no

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note: please don’t build near places that supposed to public structures, etc.
I will pm you if you pass
edit: newest survery on google forms

IDK if anyone really wants to fill out a public application for this… Maybe give us a format that we can use to submit an application via PM?

Use Typeform. Makes everything easier and look way cooler.

ok, would you guys like a pm, google form, or typeform, etc to fill out?

I’d also say remember to ask what the person forums username is… That would be a bad one to forget!


Oh right lol, almost forgot, thanks for reminding!

it’s out guys!

I’ll join Air : D

Maybe the leader of Air?

I would like to be the leader of air and I have a few questions 1.Do the air people get jet packs? 2.Are trade portals disabled or will the be enabled for everyone or just for the admins?

I want to join on opening day!
Also could we know how each admin will rule?

Sure, whatever gets the message to me

Could both of us be leader of Air?

Recently players have been asking if they can be a specific leader of a element. However, due this I will have to see how active/helpful you are on this server. it’s the same as earning admin.
the normal rules concerning about admin: no asking for it. earn by time and trust


But we can’t join it.

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I’m late lol

i forgot to tell you guys: the mac server hasn’t been opened by me yet, due to some ipad issues. i can no longer use my ipad, so i will need to get a new one. sorry, and please stay patient. I do not know how much time it’ll take to get a new one.