Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo (Now Closing)



But we can’t join it.


I’m late lol


i forgot to tell you guys: the mac server hasn’t been opened by me yet, due to some ipad issues. i can no longer use my ipad, so i will need to get a new one. sorry, and please stay patient. I do not know how much time it’ll take to get a new one.


Yes that would be cool


This server reminds me of another server I played on for the whole time until it died I ended earning admin on the server legit I had lots of fun and had a few ideas with the sky base


Also future admins, please build some games as well, this is a server that would need a few. thanks!


I came up with a sieving casino game, so I can do that


Sorry my google accounts is having problems so can I get admin direct my ign is build itme please let me know

Frustrating times when playing BH

Build time, i already mentioned this. If you are having problems with signing in, I suggest you get a new google account, or ask what the questions were. I would give you them and I am very sure others would be happy to give you them as well. Please do not ask for admin; it lowers the chances of me accepting you as one/me giving you the IP.


Yesterday, I just recieved my new ipad (from ipad store-the stuff was very legit and cool, even the bag). This means that I will be giving the ip for the server to those who applied for admin. (later on in the day/evening/sometime else besides today)
Edit/Upadte: I have recently joined the server, but I’m somehow not admin. I contacted wingysam about the problem. Please wait guys!


News flash. I now will begin sending out invitations for admins to help me prepare. (as well as the server ip, etc)


Late reminder (sorry): if you see the invitation, tell me by hitting the dang reply button XD. if you dont want to have admin anymore on the server, just tell me (im chill with that :ok_hand:)
Also, gonna have a sneak peek soon! keep your eyes peeled


But I don’t want to peel my eyes


shhhhhh (you can just use an orange peel and put it over your eyes)
ugh im lacking motivation and inspiration to build on the server rn haha.
@VolcanoFlame so you gonna answer the pm or no


ugh i keep on forgetting. Need to make a reminder…


Ok, I promise-by Friday or sat, I will have the picture up. I’m going to put that on my HW.
Also, feel free to sign up for admin at the application sheet, you’ll get to build things like your house, etc. (I’m somewhat desperate lol)



The Fallen Kingdom…
No one is replying rip (welp I guess I’m not interesting ;( )


People don’t really find servers like these interesting, including mine. But nice build anyway :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought so. thanks for the support tho :pray:


Yep, don’t mention it. :slight_smile: