Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo (Now Closing)



Your build is superB keep it up bro!


Note :memo: this might be also a free build server. Please vote!

  • Free Build
  • 4x more
  • Equal trades
  • Other (I forgot-oops. It was 2x, and then something, right?)

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The Eyes of Seer will always be watching…


It looks great shadow :slightly_smiling_face:


special siren to YouTubers activates

(Don’t look)-if you dare (jk, it’s nothing inappropriate)

Sorry, guys


Could you make one of those that is not cursive, because i may not know what those mean. Please? :slight_smile:


Does the world have a world thread?


Oh sorry, forgot about that. I’ll delete it. Whoops :sweat_smile:
I’m gonna say that I had a brain fart. Anyways, could someone lock/close it?


I can just merge it in if you link me to the world thread :slight_smile:


Here it is Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo :smile:


Is the world open yet :confused:


I can’t get on the server because it’s shut down by Wingysam. There’s corrupted server(s) going on.


Oh okay


I’ve decided to open up the world in a few days. There’s been enough builds on land. Rather than trying to come up with a building, I’ll let you guys start building your own epic things.

If anyone still wants to apply for admin, it’s not available anymore. The most I can give is mod before the opening, since there isn’t enough time to show whether you’re fit for the position. If you want mod, you must enter an application. Remaining part of the AAE staff requires the staff to not abuse their powers and help players. Providing builds/public works (for example, pvp arenas) helps greatly, and will be much appreciated. (public works must be approved by a person who has the power to approve of the build).

Application sheet link is below:

I’m also going to decide which starter you guys will get when you join. The starters you get will be given to all the others. I’ll let you vote to see what you think is a good and fair (not OP).

NOTE: Again, Please vote for fair items; pole or tropical items will not be allowed in starter kits. I can’t emphasize this enough. Starters are crucial to helping newer people get started into having fun on the server.

Lastly, I have people I’d like to thank. Thanks Husky (husky lover), Dom, @Starlight1, and @Cpt-Koolzman (I think cpt left though, oh well, thanks). You guys were amazing!

And thank you forumers/future players. Enjoy!


Please vote for what you want for starters

  • 1 Jetpack+10 fuel
  • 1 bronze sword+bow and arrow
  • 1 tin chest plate or other pieces of armor
  • 5 apples or another fruit
  • 1 platinum coin/ or more-if you want more, comment how much you want
  • 50 gold coins
  • 1 boat
  • 5 unroasted coffee beans
  • 1 wooden bed
  • 2 stone spades/pickaxes/ a bronze machete
  • 1 safe
  • 20 stone blocks

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The application doesn’t work. Says I need to be signed in.


You’re supposed to sign in with a good account. It’s anonymous tho, so don’t bother with thought that a stranger will get your email lol.