Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo



Your build is superB keep it up bro!


Note :memo: this might be also a free build server. Please vote!

  • Free Build
  • 4x more
  • Equal trades
  • Other (I forgot-oops. It was 2x, and then something, right?)

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The Eyes of Seer will always be watching…


It looks great shadow :slightly_smiling_face:


special siren to YouTubers activates

(Don’t look)-if you dare (jk, it’s nothing inappropriate)

Sorry, guys


Could you make one of those that is not cursive, because i may not know what those mean. Please? :slight_smile:


Does the world have a world thread?


Oh sorry, forgot about that. I’ll delete it. Whoops :sweat_smile:
I’m gonna say that I had a brain fart. Anyways, could someone lock/close it?


I can just merge it in if you link me to the world thread :slight_smile:


Here it is Mac Server: An Alpha's Echo :smile: