Mac server: Apollo

This server is a vanilla world

Number of online players

Rules: No hacking :computer:

No breaking spawn or ban :hammer:

No animal abuse :racehorse:

Please no drama I got enough in my life

No swearing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Be nice :handshake:

No harassment :restroom:

Please don’t blow up the server :boom:

Do not chop the bottom trunk of trees.

Please no littering

Server will be open January 1

What is the theme of the server?


Survival theme

Server is hiring!!! We are looking for people to help the server!!
Dm me to get the link.
If you get random people to join, we may have to temporarily ban you until the server opens because it’s currently secret .:shushing_face:

I am officially announcing that the server will be open on New Years!!! (January 1 2021)
12:00pm est!!
(I know this is a long time)