Mac Server: Bark's Custom Rules Server (whitelisted)



Owned by your’s truly and Hosted by Wingysam
My server Bark’s Custom Rules Server which i will refer to as BCR in the rest of the post
So BCR is more or less just me wanting to play blockheads with a few other people without a public server that has terrain messed up and such

Global Rules as per Wingysam’s free mac servers post

  • Do not have an inappropriate picture.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Do not use inappropriate words.
  • Do not hack.

Rules of the server excluding global rules
Don’t dig giant holes out of nowhere like don’t just make a giant hole for the fun of it like to make a hole with a ladder for underground mining and such fine. (basically have a valid reason to make a hole)
Don’t just make a flat land that leave unless your going to build there replanting is a must unless your clearing the land for someone for them to build there or for you to build there

Try to use a unique name for chat so NO stuff like “enable”, “jason” “cat” more unique stuff like my username on the forums and ingame

Owner: xBarkDog500 (xtest51 in game)
Admins: None currently and will be chosen from moderators i trust a lot or people i trust a lot
Moderators: will be chosen from players i trust enough to be Moderators

How to get whitelisted
PM me with answers to these questions

  1. When is a good time you could get on the blockheads for me to whitelist you
  2. Username:
  3. Will you be on at least around 1-3 times a week excluding times when you go camping and such
  4. Are you decently mature most of the time
  5. Do you have decent grammar
  6. Anything else you would like to say
    You will be pmed if you are accepted or denied and if accepted a link to join the server the link is allowed to be shared with other people if they sent a app already or they are already accped but can’t seem to find their links (to prevent me from having to blacklist people from whitelisting for a while trying to complain about random stuff)

Number of online players


So is it like a survival themed server?


Like at times i will have stuff from trade portals for free
but its mostly survival themed


This server sounds like a bunch of fun!


Does anyone have interest in this still?

but always i am looking for a builder to work on spawn.

Edit: in other news i recently got the trade portal upgraded pretty decently and got a jetpack