MAC SERVER - Blockheads Civilizations

Port: 15281

Blockheads Civilizations is a Server about creating civilizations, growing your civilization, and (if you want,) taking over the world!


Server Rules


  1. Do not pretend to be a staff member, or any player
  2. Keep the server family friendly
  3. Do not hack, cheat, or use glitches to your advantage
  4. Use common sense. If another server does not allow something, it probably isn’t allowed here
Civilization Rules


  1. You may ally with other civilizations, but you must also ally with their allies.
  2. You may not attack your allies
  3. To declare war, your civilization must have at least 2 members
  4. Max. 5 people in a civilization. This may increase over time
War Rules


  1. When war is declared, you must wait one day before attacking
  2. You may only attack when members of the enemy civilization are online
  3. You may grief/steal, but only when members of the enemy civilization are online

I hope you enjoy the server!


It’s back! Is this like a fresh start?

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Is this a successor to the previous “Civilization” server?

I think it might be. Therabbitking is admin on it

Yes, it is a fresh start

Yes, it is

its great to see new servers coming together, and old servers reopening again, feels like blockheads is recovering from its era of emptiness :smiley: honestly, i love the idea about growing your civilization, it is not an easy task, as in my history book, only a few has been able to create a succesful civlization :slight_smile: it is challenging at the same time, very fun :smiley:

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That seems like a huge overstatement. :thinking:


maybe, but every time i come on bh and type space in the search bar, most servers has two people on it :frowning: back then the forums was filled when people created threads everyday.

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How would you figure out the outcome of a war?

I’ve just duped an entire chest full of my workbenches due to my incredible internet. I have a boat shop by the right ocean

Just became the richest in the server.


I have 4 platinum coins