Mac Server: Exp.oof.onomy

Release date:
September 7, 2018 12:00 AM (Etc: GMT+0)

Welcome to Exp.oof.onomy, one of the hardest Expert world servers. Thank you to @dvsnsrock for kindly hosting the server. Think of it as @Skeeve’s Exile and @dvsnsrock’s Hello World combined. The motive here is to survive in one of the hardest worlds ever, and reach level 29 on your workbench without losing it.

You will start out with a safe, a wood block, and 99 gold coins. This is so that you can make a shop through the level 29 workbench on the roof of spawn. 2 trade portals and 2 mirrors will be at spawn, for job listings if no flint/clay are found nearby. If you abuse this feature and continue to die and spawn in more blockheads for extra items, you will be banned without exception.

Server Details

World Size: x16
Type: Custom Rules
Expert Mode: Yes
PvP: On
Whitelist: On

World Generation Custom Rules

a. Seed: blank
b. Oceans: normal
c. Temperature: normal
d. Rainfall: normal
e. Plants: more
f. Trees: more
g. Terrain: normal
h. Caves: more
i. Lakes: normal
j. Sky islands: more
k. Ore quantity: more
l. Ore distribution: more
m. Gems: more
n. Treasure: more

Post-world Generation Custom Rules

a. Health: One Hit Kill
b. Hunger: Hungrier
c. Happiness: Sadder
d. Clothing Decay: Faster
e. Tool Decay: Faster
f. Death: No Regeneration
g. Death Drops: All Items
h. Max Blockheads: 5
i. Spawn Items: 1 Safe, 1 Wood, 99 Gold Coins
j. NPC/Mob Difficulty: Hard
k. Trade Portals: Jobs Only
l. Trade Prices: N/A
m. Trade Portal Items: N/A
n. Day/Night Cycle: Faster
o. Sun Color: Darker
p. World Modification: Enabled
q. Pole Items: Respawns, Wears Out
r. Teleportation: Disabled
s. Meditation: Disabled

  1. No hacking.
  2. No asking for admin/mod.
  3. No inappropriate pictures/contect/words. Keep it PG.
  4. Keep cursing/swearing/cussing to a minimum.
  5. No excessive spawn killing. One to three times for fun is okay, but no more than that. Failing to comply by this rule will result in an immediate ban.
  6. No Ownership Signs.
  7. No Portals/Trade Portals within 100TC of spawn.
  8. Trade Portals are Job Listings Only. Don’t bother upgrading them.
  9. All trading must be done through Shops. Failing to comply by this rule will result in an immediate ban.
  10. Since Expert Mode forbids sharing benches normally, a level 29 workbench will be inside a chest on the roof. Please place it back in the chest after using it to make a shop only.
  11. If you see anyone disobeying any of the above rules, please report it to me via PM (forums & Discord).
Staff Rules
  1. No banning for stealing, griefing, etc. (even if it is some of your stuff!!!), unless it does not comply with above rules. Failing to comply by this rule will result in a demotion.
  2. Give a warning first, then kick, then ban. Never ban first. Failing to comply by this rule will result in a demotion, and the victim be unbanned.
Staff List

Host: dvsnsrock (@dvsnsrock)
Owner: JarlPenguin_ (@JarlPenguin)
NickNowhere (@NickNowhere)
Susht1 (@Sushi)
therubylady (@girllygamer110)



All important announcements will be posted here: Discord Server

To apply for staff: Staff Form

Join Link:

If those don’t work, then here are the IP & Port:
Port: 15152

Stay tuned! :wink:

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Server is up!!!
I have decided not to whitelist the server. Have fun!



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I have a reserved spot! Let’s be have a welcoming party when it releases.

Added to OP:
You will start out with a safe and 10 gold coins. A trade portal and a mirror will be at spawn, for job listings if no flint/clay are found nearby.

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Discord server is up!


Please see this post to apply for beta testing.
Why @FreewayKiller :joy:

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Release has been pulled back to September 16th.
Added a new rule and a warning regarding the starting out items.
Also added official Custom Rules post-gen.
Added Beta testing notice

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Release has been pushed forward to September 8th.
Updated notice. Apply fast if you want to join early!

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@JarlPenguin il join and help you! my username is therubylady

will you please post sever link I wanna come help !

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I pmed you, but ok…

The server is officially up a day earlier! Thanks for all the help, staff!

Awesome! :thumbsup:

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None of those links work.

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Your combining hello world and skeeves exile?
So basically
Anyone who gets level 29 basically is a GOD at tbh…

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it’s stuck at Searching…

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Emergency Alert:
It appears @dvsnsrock’s Mac is dead. This means our server could be gone.

I think there is a way to rip out the hard drive and restore things but not sure if he would do that.

My mothers old laptop died in 2016-2017 I think and she had to get a new one. But she was able to get the data back.

That hard drive now is plugged into a Wii U for breath of the wild.

Oh no!

He was such a good boy. Used to mow our lawn. RIP