Mac Server: Hymn SMP

Hymn is a private survival multiplayer world. It is hosted by @222oreo333, and will have a roster of 32 players.

Hymn is an SMP custom world. Each player will spawn with a flax seed. After 16 players is reached, each invitee will spawn in with a new fruit/food. Players will vote on invitees after 16 players.

There is no particular goal. You can build, discover, but the only thing you must do is contribute in some way to the community and participate in events.

There will be multiple buildings and towns, all player generated. Players will be able to build anything they want, as long as it is practical and/or is realistic in the real world. For example, you can open up an arena, make a blacksmith shop, or build a farm.

Towns are also made. There will be cities and towns dedicated to certain things, like the marketplace, or a pixel art haven.
“Government” owned buildings like the bank and prison will be funded by taxes. At its core, Hymn is a community of people who like to work together. It’s not exactly an economy server, nor does it really fit in with any category.


  1. No swearing. Any cursing will remove your membership. Censoring it out is also bad. Just refrain from using it at all, you duckhead! (Please don’t take the word duckhead seriously :joy:)
  2. Use appropriate pictures.
  3. Keep drama away from the server. I know both you and I are secretly watching over the fence at the drama but this time I don’t want any of it dragged into the server. Let’s keep away :slight_smile:
  4. Be kind to others. At the end of the day, we’re all friends.

Some More Banter to Entice You To Join
We’ll be hosting events periodically. There’ll be PvP in arenas, capture the flag, or building contests. Anything that is asked of will be considered!

New Members
I will await until 16 players have signed up. The deadline for submitees will be July 4th which is when the server will open. If the roster’s number is not reached by then I will open the server and invite people individually.

After the quota has been filled, I will gradually invite more people until the 32 player mark is reached. Still, only 16 players will be able to be online at any time.

Please choose the “I want to join” option if you would like to join. If not don’t vote, or if you want to click the other option I guess you can.

  • Yes, I would like to join
  • I chose this option because I’m a fricking rebel

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Server Type: Custom
World Size: 4x
Oceans: Small
Ore quantity: Less
Ore distribution: Large
Treasure: More
Trade Portals: Disabled

Note: Unfortunately not all applicants who apply will be able to join the server. I will try to be as fair as possible but you need to have some sort of validity and trust from me.

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Sound like a gud server! Will try to join.

Will there be any ownership signs?

Yes, but it depends. If it’s for the community it will certainly be protected. For example, government owned property like banks, pixel art, or a blacksmith that’s open for anybody to use. Things that profit others will not be protected. You can loot other people’s places, but choices will have consequences and soon you might find people coming at you for robbing.

Seems like an AWESOME server! Count me in! :smiley:

I’ll probably become a farmer if I do get invited. That helps the community…right?


Glad to hear it! Yes, the farm helps the community.

When I said government I did mean the “government”. I don’t control it. In a sense, it’s a hidden figure. It doesn’t really exist. I guess you could be a bank teller or something. Name it and I’ll see if I can give you that :stuck_out_tongue: Of course you’ll have to be able to support yourself and get revenue for living expenses.

Really it’s too early to tell what will happen. When the 16 player is reached I’ll start to look into jobs. The “community” part of the server is more of a roleplay than anything. When I say job I’m pretending you get paid, but it’s just other people buying your stuff.

I’m going to be on vacation, starting from July 4th, but I wanna join. D:
Never mind, I’ll vote anyway and be there in spirit.

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Oh yeah…well, it’s not really celebrated where I live. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for off topic.


You don’t have to be there all the time :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoy your vacation. A little bit early maybe but whatever :laughing:

May I please own the blacksmith?


Sounds nice!

I’ll try to join!

Maybe if a government was included, I could run for senator…

I have knowledge.

If there’s a government I’m 100% having a revolution

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What for?

So I can be in charge duh xD

Well you could always run for president/monarch…

I’m so excited I could scream!!! The hype is real

But what if I lose?

Also I can’t just kill citizens at random that way :frowning:

If you wanna kill citizens for your fun then no one would support you.

Have fun with that.

We don’t even know if there will be a government. We are just fantasizing.

That’s why I can’t run for president/monarch

But I can easily throw a one man revolution :stuck_out_tongue: