Mac server list (development)

So I have been pondering on this idea for a while.

I didn’t want to bring out a dead idea, or one that people would feed on too easily and take over

There is a cloud server list, so why not make an unofficial website for hosting mac servers.

I want it to operate like those minecraft servers, but without player count and other complicated stuff like that.

Anyways, I am not good at coding, so I decided to come to the community to ask for suggestions, such as what server to it on, a how to even make websites. (0 experience, but I am taking online course :3 )

Once again, this cannot be made without help from the community so please leave stuff below. The fact that you are recognizing this is and giving encouragement is already enough


I know no HTML!

Maybe I do... (Text was supposed to be red :frowning: )

How to make html not disapear?

Click the


button to show the code. :wink:


I’m pretty sure color HTML doesn’t work here

I do no how HTML

Eh idk. I’m sure you can show raw code by quadruple spacing

You are right though @haque

Some HTML is allowed, of course not everything is allowed, here’s a few examples that work.

<a href="">Blockheads</a>


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I was so sad because I just learnt so much HTML and how to do one thing with CSS.

What about using Weebly to make your website? Also if you want to learn HTML and other stuff, go to W3Schools.

I kinda have a feeling weebly is not going to let you make or use an API for mac servers in their site. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

I think this is a really neat idea though. :slight_smile: Was it going to work similar to TBH Cloud Server List, or what?

I plan to make it suuuuuuper basic. Becuase I want it to run before i try stuff with it :3

I may use weebly, idk. I just know I will have to use a free website creater to keep the webpage alive, cuz I’m broke :laughing:

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Solo learn has a free website maker AND a gazillions of online coding courses

I personally hate strongly dislike SoloLearn. I recommend w3schools, personally. SoloLearn teaches the “what”, but not the “why” or “how”.