Mac Server: Market


Hello! Market is a Mac server where you can buy or sell items for coins. We have a strict whitelist, to make sure that we don’t have any duplicated coins or hacked/duplicated items.


  • Absolutely no hacking, duping
  • Keep the chat G-rated, meaning absolutely no nudity, mature language, or suggestive themes
  • Do not bring in through a portal chest duplicated and/or hacked items

Connection information

Port: 15183

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Same lol. Yes!

Port: 15183


I’m expert can I help

Go ahead!

Hey, I was banned. Why?

I ban hackers.

I was not hacking… Nor do I hack.
Are you serious?

In your app store screenshot, you had a “Tweak” button.


I can help too.

I would like to help, lately I can’t find any servers to spend my time on.

Hi. I’d like to help.
IGN: Missingnope
I’m no crazy good builder, but I can build purely utilitarian buildings.

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So what would this server be like? Just testing new 1.7 features or something???

This server is a marketplace for pets, and other things because the trade portal was nerfed.

Ok, but you can set it back to normal on Custom Rules…

Not on Vanilla though.

The server is empty how could we start trading without anything lol I’ll start and dont banned the portal chest hehe

I need a diamond before I can start.

Is the world custom or survival

Survival. I need portal chests for it to work.

Ask other gems first :lol: do u have 4 gems already? Or you just need to find diamond and we can start trading in this world?