Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


Updated in September 2018.

Before I begin I want to thank the amazing
@Wingysam for hosting this server on his mac.
** IP:
Port: 15186 **

Starting with pizzas to satisfy your hunger, a spear to fend of enemies, a flint shovel and a basket; you need to survive the harsh yet rewarding world. Make friends, destroy enemies, fight dropbears, tame yaks- all is possible here. Don’t like fighting others? Have fun in our Mini games. The wilderness ruining your fur clothes? Go in our arena to battle! Wan to be rich? We have an economy with a market! Normal servers boring? We are experimenting with New concepts to make this server the best in the blockheads. Whatever you need Outside The Blocks has everything all jammed into this one world!
Custom Rules
This server is custom non expert mode with: more ore but in smaller veins, less oceans with them being smaller, more lakes, warmer climate to help crops grow, more gems and treasure, more caves, more sky islands and flatter terrain.
Outside The Blocks also has PVP enabled, happier Blockheads and sell only trade portals.

When you spawn in your instantly in ** ‘The Great Hall Of Wonders’**, a 5 floor high spawn.
The ground level has a garden with all the ingredients needed to make pizza.
The first floor is a mirror room to keep up with the latest fashion.
The second floor is the trade room. A room with 2 level 6 trade portals to sell stuff to get rich.
The third is the bakery a floor with every bench to make pizza, bread and flatbreads; use in conjunction with the garden and lake.
The fourth story is an empty room for meditation.
The final level is an admin room for storage and secret stuff.

Go to the left you find the hotel a humble safe place to stay. It costs 20 Platinum coins a room for an infinite stay.

Go right and your in the market a place to buy stuff from other players. The market has a price range of 10-50 platinum coins depending on the size.
A server first! The requests building is the place to go if an admin is not online. Simply fill out a sign stating:
In game name/ alias
What you want
Where about it is (If requesting ownership sign)
Size (if requesting a shop in the market)
And of course payment (if required)
The PVP arena is a great place to battle! With some cool rooms including: small cramped ones, large open ones, and rooms with space to build in; Outside The Block’s arena is the best place to battle. There are two rules no pausing and no cheating the rest is made up by the players battling.
The Funland

Inspired by Jetshark on Atmos by Mamma Food Supply (@MFS), Outside The Block’s shark race is a challenging obstacle course- on the back of a shark!
With 6 unique phases you and your shark must ‘cooperate’ to get to the finish line.
The donkey track is a parkour course for donkeys. Simply get a carrot in a stick and ride you donkey to victory!
Like all servers we have rules to keep the game as fun as possible. The rules are:

  1. No sexual activity or dating. This is a children’s game.
  2. No cursing or swearing of any kind.
  3. No advertising. How would you feel if I took away your players?
  4. No littering. It’s ok if it’s by accident, but pick it up please.
  5. No asking for mod or admin. You need trust.
  6. No bullying. This is a common thing all around the world. How about let’s stop bullying and have a peaceful world?
  7. No hacks of any kind. Including supershops, duping, pirated Time Crystals, destroying protected places, etc.
  8. Be respectful to everyone. Including new players.
  9. No inappropriate actions, words, roleplays, or pictures. Child friendly game!
  10. You may grief bases and steal others stuff, however, do not be excessive. Note: No one is allowed to break: spawn, hotel, market, subway, games and the requests building.
  11. PVP is not allowed within 100 blocks of spawn or in a non battle related mini game. Everywhere else is fair game.
  12. No asking for a starter. Your spawn items include pizzas, a spear and the default items; you don't need more.
  13. You may pause, exit, or hide in doors when attacked. This is not allowed in the arena
  14. There is a limit of 3 ownership signs per player
Everything in one world Spawn in the **Great Hall Of Wonders ** stay at the **hotel**,set up shop in the **market**, fight others in the **arena**, play amazing **mini games **, see amazing builds by**others**. Everything all in one world-now that's thinking **Outside The Blocks**.

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Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated

•Subway improved!
•New spawn station!
•Sky island elevator, ride up to some new places to build.
• Themed Sky Cities, build on a set of islands with a theme.
-Currently only one Sky City with the “Old School” theme.
-Build out of old version 1.0 stuff.
•Progress on operation big hole, renamed to Ruby City.
•Spawn painting broken. Wait why is it on the change list?
•Prices lowered on server services (Hotel, market)
Let’s get into it!

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Joining now! :smiley:


Dang it, I use phone, wish I could join.


@Ziameter You use a phone to play. The computer hosts it.


I can? It says Mac Server

Also, how do I connect, I can’t search it up


Yeah, the server is hosted on an Apple Mac with the blockheads server app. It host servers to play on your phone.
I’m playing now if you want to.


I’m joining :slight_smile:


Nice server! I’m enjoying playing on it so far.


Lets go baby


Woohoo! It’s finally here!




We have some changes to the custom rules! Now you can buy at the trade portal, but at a higher cost than usual.
I hope this now makes some of you happy that you didn’t get some gold coins for nothing.
Thank you for playing I hope we have more fun than before!
-dabbe donut -Donutask.


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The server has come! Yay! I won’t be on much, because my phone isn’t working with 1.7.2. I’ll try to fix it tommarow so I can join. Also do we unadmin ourselves, or do we keep it?