Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


u snooze u lose


It’s against the rules though

You may grief bases and steal others stuff, however, do not be excessive. Is a quote from the worlds rules


get a rollback if you need too.


Good idea but not sure when it happened or if donutask will get a roll back

I know who it was


I am sorry that happened. I don’t know who did it either. I can help rebuild your house if you want.
About the Griefing Rule:
You may steal someone’s stuff and burn their house a bit, but, destroying it all and taking everything is a bit extreme. If you are too worried about your base, hide it! Hide it in the sky or underground then no one can get it!
BONUS: Brand new TREASURE HUNT! I will give info soon…


How exciting!


It happened to deven, now. It was protected as well.


No his house was like that xD


Oh, really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yep it’s under construction :hammer:


Mind: I know it was you…


No, it wasn’t. Ask them in game.


here’s my new lab


Your handcar track is not safe, I demand to speak to the architect!


Guess you’ve finally been killed.


Ha! Donutask and I killed you with our track!
Did you land upside-down? It’s not complete, also.


I was falling sideways then I went through a layer of track (idk how) and my handcar dropped and I did as well :confused:


CONGRATULATIONS!! Track Piece 1038920 killed the undefeated champion! It will get the reward of 1,000,000,000 platinum coins.
Sorry about the track I will make it conform to the handcar safety act 128. I wish Sunset Moon make their track safe. :speak_no_evil:


It’s not meant to be safe :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


This is why you should play on this server xD

So this makes more sense, I ran around with the blockhead seen in my lab picture, and repetitively slapped ray xD