Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


noooo my insecurities have been eXPoSEd ;_;
Green things are my hidden fears, just like how you like SOFAs XD

I was playing along with deadly potato’s abomination, not expecting to get WHACKED ;_;

it’s actually 很恶心 = It’s actually very disgusting
走吧,绿色的怪物!我不需要你! =Go away green creature! I don’t need you!


Nice chinese, at least I can understand it


I can’t read traditional.


It’s mandarin


Sorry I am not on too much. I am working on a new server but will still play here :slight_smile:


I need ideas on what to do here! Leave a comment to tell me fun things to do when you get bored on a server. Thanks


What happened to the treasure hunt? I was looking forward to that :slight_smile:

I am quite busy nowadays, sorry if you haven’t been seeing me online.


Oh yeah that…
Go <<< a few hundred blocks to reach treasure desert! Look for golden chests in the sand to get rewards. There is a display case to show off those items at the little stone hut at the deserts beginning. If you get the Golden Reward “GR” and display it in the correct location, you get bonus money!
I will revisit the concept and improve it soon.
Also look:



Presenting the brand new spawn subway station.
I am trying to expand the rails to the treasure hunt area and improve that game.


I still don’t understand the rules, do you play with other people at the same time?


No you dig for golden treasure chests. I will better implement the game soon.


Sorry for being so inactive. I’m coming online.



Ya need some milk


Welcome back, Raymond.


I drink milk in real life every day. Once or twice sometimes

I just have loved it every day for years.


Nice handwriting!


Help the Outside The Blocks Subway expand! Just follow the same design of marble and rail. Every 1TC covered earns you 5 Platinum coins! Just make sure to put a sign down where you finished. Be honest and don’t t grief it. :slight_smile:


Okay, I could also help with ownership signs.


Pixel art competition is coming soon with a special… Rainbow Event! stay tuned for info.