Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


You can’t it has an ownership sign and iron trap doors xD


;-; rip


Nice try lol


Sneaks into Potato’s house


… although it’s not possible I will end you the next time I see you the sever


Time to use the 'ol spoon and dig on in


Well good luck you’ll never get in unless youre an admin xD


gets in


I will end everyone here next time I see them on that sever xD


Bans you


Not me! I’m living peacefully next to you…


Bans you too


No no, I’ll leave you. Just everyone wanting to raid me


Raids you
actually ill do that rn


Ha ha I outsmarted Raymond, won the fight and got a bunch of free diamond blocks xD


In the 4 years of playing this game, I got into my first PVP fight today! Well, it wasn’t really a fight because @DeadlyPotato and @williamjs were busy fighting each other and randomly placing blocks and setting fires. I went into the battle to steal a gold block, and got whacked repeatedly in the process! In the end, raymond lost and we licked up his luminous plaster.

There was this diamond structure blocking my house, so I took some and left XD




Not right now I’ll definitely be up for one later


too bad


Too bad for what?