Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


It’s a great sever even tho one of the admins is out to get me @williamjs


I don’t know how to join this type of server though. I tried to search it but nothing pops up

Oh wait I figured it out never mind lol


Yeah the name is too long, go to the og post and copy the IP address and the port :wink:

Edit: I know the Ip adress is “”

Edit 2: whoops looks like you did a double post!


Yeah I already figured it out lol thanks though. The info is at the top of the OP. :grin: I’ve never joined a server this way before… I have a feeling of safety lol




I don’t think I deserve them, I only got them from you messing up, I honestly think me having them could potentially ruin the sever and I’m not sure donutask will be too happy since you’re responsible


Well you were the one who killed me
Actually just put that in the trash chute


Nahhhh because if he lets me I’ll keep them




Edit: it’s only fair that I warn my enemies I’m raising an army :wink:


wait what




I’m back everyone! Thanks for having fun on my server! :blush: I should be on on the next few days.


I have made a forums!
It is horrible but… yeah!
Here they are.

No Ineedpie I didn’t click that big text at the bottom of your forum saying make Forum. I just happened to have an account with a forum already.


:stuck_out_tongue: I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is it the donut forums instead of Outside The Blocks forums. I changed the name but it the URL.


When is everyone on? So I can play with you. I hope you still enjoy the server. :slight_smile: also we seem to have a milla here:

EDIT: About the forums. I’ve seem to have forgot my username to log in (You can’t username reset) so sorry. I have checked the posts and yes you can like your own posts there.


I’m usually on 9:00pm my time (vic, aus) but now that I have a sever I’m working on that


I love your server! I go on whenever I launch the game…in vain hope that anyone is online. Usually it’s empty :frowning: I miss the fights with raymond!


I’m on around the same time as DeadlyPotato.
Thanks for liking the server :blush: