Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


I’m on around the same time as DeadlyPotato.
Thanks for liking the server :blush:


I tried to make an account for your forums but it seems to ask for a lot of personal information…


Your username is Admin, for the Outside the Blocks forums.


We have our first mod, Deadlypotato! He also is richest and deadliest player.
After a flood catastrophe we also have a new shark breeding area above the shark race. (Also thanks to MFS for the design on Atmos) Sorry that there never were any sharks to tame.
Thanks for playing :slight_smile:


I also kill other players for $$$ xD


Not meeee :frowning: I’m your friend right? Right?


Well if the price was right… lol but I wouldn’t


Where’s the join link?


At the bottom of the OP.


Introducing… Donuts Dodos!

An egg shaped building that sells dodos (mainly eggs).

Located >>> this way a few blocks from… a massive hole.
Hopefully you come to admire my beautiful pixel art and amazing prices!


@Donutask, is it ok if I made a mod account, to experience the game as a player? The mod IGN is HADUJ_13. You don’t need to add it to the WM, but you can if you want to. If you don’t want me to have the mod account, then either unmod it, or tell me. If you don’t want the alt account on your server, then do /BAN-NO-DEVICE haduj_13. I hope it’s fine with you!
Btw, nice dodo shop!


That is fine! I’ve done the same.


Yay I’m too lazy to bred high lvl dodos so this will help!

Uhhhh where is it xD


Just go right-good thing Blockheads is 2D! It’s past the arena.
I will give a more accurate answer soon.


I’ve found it :slight_smile:


I’m making golf. With a fishing rod! It’s going to be an adventure through several sky islands each with unique obstacles.
Also there is a dodo race! It’s just a strip of blocks, lol!


Golf? Sounds interesting


I am proud to give you the… Outside The Blocks News Update!
Dodos in the sky!
General news:
Players have went up to the sky’s! Hundreds of skylands have been found. Meanwhile dodos are being breed.
Tools wear out slower now because I’m nice :slight_smile:

New Construction :house_with_garden:
The shark taming area is complete! Tons of kelp, a tamed shark and water. Just some grab fish and tame a shark! Of course I wouldn’t tell you I accidentally flooded the subway whilst doing it… OH GREAT! The feeder chests don’t work now unless I feed my shark 24/7 it will die, sorry :frowning: Donutask constructed a dodo breeding… thing and has many (more like 6) breeds of dodos. A shop named “Donuts Dodos” has been created. Dodo eggs and essential breeding supplies are sold here. Speaking of shops others have made ones selling things from ores to food. There is a new mini game! Dodo race. Hop on a dodo and race to the end. Though incredibly silly and simple, and requiring no skill whatsoever, I’m sorta proud.

:skull_and_crossbones:️Deadliest player​:skull_and_crossbones:️

:moneybag: Richest Player​:moneybag:
DeadlyPotato (still?!)

:checkered_flag: Tournaments: :checkered_flag: None yet!

This can also be found in the “Server News” section of the welcome message.
PM me if you think the richest or deals lies player is wrong.


Richest and deadliest :cool:


This server is not getting the attention it deserves…barely anyone is active there…:frowning: