Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


Have any ideas for a server event? Like decorating spawn for a week and having a special game.
I was thinking dodos…


Dodo race?


I banned myself! HELP POTATO!!! @DeadlyPotato also smashed me in PVP!


lol I’ll go unban you now xD



Great! I lost my admin as well :frowning: will pm someone else with admin privileges.


I can’t come on now but I will later


Today I learnt that an admin can and will ban themselves if curious enough. XD


I can make you mod

Oh, mods can’t make mods xD


@Donutask is now admin.

I’m thinking of building a handcar track. Should I?


Why not? Sounds like fun! :slight_smile:




Ok, I’ll be online. Though it might be laggy.


Who dis?


Idk, you’re probably more active than me.


I would play but there’s this little issue called ‘school’ XD


My friend from school. Beware he likes to raid bases.
Definitely! I wanted to make one but I don’t have the skill required
WHOOPS! I just double posted. :open_mouth:


The world up at all?


It seems all of wingysam’s severs are down :confused:



Aww! I wanted to come on!


Same I’m in the middle of breeding dodos