Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


What. I wanted to carry out…plans!


The “plans”?


Kill deadly potato! He must not stand as deadliest at the end of the week! :smiling_imp: Or just breed dodos that’s always fun.


Make a wanted sign saying if they kill me they get like 100 plat or something

Edit: but pffffft like that’s gonna happen


The shark race looks like so much fun :star_struck:


You’ve done harder things. I’m not that good at this either. We can work together, and build it the way you want it if you want. It’s not too hard, but it’s fun to build and test it. It’s laggy on the server, and I won’t be active, due to things going on in school. I usually play before and after school, and at lunch break. I’ll try to be as active in the forums as possible, though.


I am usually on after and before school. That sounds fun let’s start when we are both on!


If I’m coming onto a forums user’s Mac world I will let them know. That wasn’t me :slight_smile:


This man is a legend, he just raided deven xD


I finished every hole on the golf course except this one, ITS TOO HARD!


That name reminds me an awful lot of you know who.


They’re were on the sever at the same time a couple of times, frequently arguing who the real deven/devyn is :confused:


They were fake devyn afaik.


Still, the names are awfully similar.


I like dis server



Build, Build, BUILD!
General news:
Donutask attempts to battle deadlypotato twice. The results? Deadlypotato won!
Loganon is an admin!

New Construction :house_with_garden:
Everyone (almost) is improving their base. Dodo farms to fancy windows, to carbon fibre block removal :pensive:. A new handcar track by deadlypotato is just 20 blocks > of spawn. Try it for some FUN! Dodos are also taking over the world…

:skull_and_crossbones:️Deadliest player​:skull_and_crossbones:️

:moneybag: Richest Player​:moneybag:
DeadlyPotato. I must be getting this wrong.

:checkered_flag: Tournaments: :checkered_flag:
KILL DEADLYPOTATO! Reward 1 copper coin.
Please tell me if any information is incorrect or if I missed something.


The track is finished?
I’m working on my track.


I will start plating here more, I like the server. :slight_smile: