Mac Server: Outside The Blocks


Ok I will budge the price toooooooo… 2 copper coins!



If I kill myself do I get paid???


Sorry, suicide isn’t rewarded here.




You made a typo! You said 1 copper coin instead of 100 plat, it’s ok, beginners mistake :lol:


2 copper isn’t enough no deal from me. I mean his killed like 6 ppl,whoever kills him should earn more than 99 gold. :money_mouth_face:


Whoops the sites anti-spam measures changed 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 platinum coins to 1 copper. I am sorry that this happens, I will contact discorse, Dave, milla, the guy who invented code, the person who made Forums and rocks for creating something called money.


That’s a more realistic price xD


Nice base you’ve got there Donutask! The first base I raided on the server :wink:

although I am sure that’s not his real hidden base :thinking:


Wait! He had a base this whole time…


I’ve decided to add a bit of zing to this server, now that I almost have all in game items I’m thinking of becoming some type of eco-(not sure if it’ll censor this word)/hippy thing, I’ll kill anyone I see using fires, chopping trees completely, eating meat/animal products. Although I want to cover my roof with solar before this starts :smiling_imp:


Your far more advanced than me. Can I buy stuff from you?


Yes, what are you interested in?


It was my base from my alt account. I got less time to play so I don’t use it anymore. Congrats! (There were trees)


Your all probably wondering who is this fatal potato well the answer is in outside the blocks whahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha




My thoughts exactly


You know, there’s many potatoes in the forums. Some are even deadly.

@potato4, @Potato_pilot, @potato, @Potato68_Lyfe, @Potato_girl_hero, @Potato-Cat, @PotatoesEverywhere, @patatoe, @PotatoPeach, @PotatoBear, @Potato557, @Potato69, @Potato_man, @ThePotato, @DeadlyPotato, @Fatal-potato,        @theevilpotato, @death-by-potatoes, @killer_potato762
@DeadliestPotato, @dedlypatatoe, @Deadlypotato’s_alt_account, @Deadpotato,
@deader P O T A T O, @deadestpotatoe, @DeadlyPotatoe, @imapotato, @LivelyPotato, @the_REAL_DeadlyPotato, @DeadlyPotato2

According to the system, I can only mention 10 people in a post.

Which alt account do you use the most?

Half of these are fake.



Also I’m super angry

An admin abusing their powers or a hacker decided to burn my house down!

Edit: I think it’s a regular player who burnt my farm which in turn set my house on fire

You may grief bases and steal others stuff, however, do not be excessive.

I think stealing 300 plat, two jetpacks, two sets of titanium armour, A TAMED SCORPION DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO GET THAT, diamonds, + a lot more stuff is excessive


u snooze u lose