Mac Server: Pole Nemesis

Welcome to
Pole Nemesis
(Still working on the name)
This server is a sort of factions server, but if you make it half way around the world it becomes a free-build. I only just asked to have it put up as a Mac server, so I haven’t quite made rules, but I will soon get some. It is Custom Rules. Pretty much-
It’s a work in progress.

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How will you make sure this is regulated?

Is it survival or custom

Intriguing name.

@WumboJumbo I’ll have a discord to report people while admins aren’t on, but I might know people who live in places like Russia and would be able to help me make sure it’s enforce

@aj440000 it is custom. I have edited it to say that.

So, I don’t see an IP or port. Should I assume it’s not open yet?



Accepted. Check your PMs.


I have no idea how I did this

And now that i got a mod to whitelist me, I’m unadmined. I don’t have any admins, but now I don’t have admin. And I’m 100% sure I didn’t unadmin myself soooo… is there a time limit for how long I can be inactive for?


Use /admin on yourself at

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I’m a derp :expressionless:
Thanks for telling me

No you aren’t! You just didn’t think of it :slight_smile:

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