Mac server: Skynet

Players online: Number of online players
This is a vanilla expert mode server!
Use it for mining time crystals!
Please don’t swear frequently
Avoid building within 20 blocks of spawn
No hacking
No duping

-Gem finder
Amethyst: Food and tools (random)
Sapphire: Stone tool
Ruby: Stone tool
Emerald: Food and tool
Diamond: No reward for now


Lovely server! :hugs: made by a great owner!


Are players not allowed to steal from others?

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People are allowed to steal

Gem finder

Nice :muscle: ima start back playing I quit for a little while I might check it out


I’ll try to find the world again. Last time, I filled out the url info, and it loaded and loaded, and eventually I lost my patience…

Jus use the link @WAIII

Yeah I did. I typed the whole thing into the blockheads, but then it just loaded for a long time, until I got bored.

You load it in your native browser, not the game. The browser should then run the app with the current world ID.

Okay, thank you. I’m never used a Mac Server before.

I like expert mode but why would you suggest that players use it for mining TC? It takes a REALLY long time to get gem picks to maximize the TC block yield.

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Our first tc blocks!

We found titanium too!

We are now making trades!
10 apples > 5 copper coins
1 stone pickaxe > 10 copper coins
1 boat > 20 copper coins
10 torches > 10 copper coins

Blockmart is now open!

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We found two poles!
(Thanks to @jemnidad and @WAIII )

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There is now a amethyst portal thanks to my TC and gems!image
Also just a suggestion Code, Mabey you could say that you can’t mine TC if you have a certain amount already since Waiii and I are in the thousands. I just sit think it would give a better chance for people that need them. Also I am sorry for not starting the community home and now that I have a few stacks of marble I will start. I made a little tower of marble for the right wall of the place Is this a good location?

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Question, if I find a cave troll can I kill it please? I have had them before and they are really hard and expensive to tame and they are kind of useless. I also could treacle use the ice armour.

Considering how rare and irreplaceable cave trolls are, they should probably be preserved in museums.

Anyone need any items? I’m going back to spawn soon